Official Charities

Marathons provide great stages for people who wish to bring attention to charities. These charities have the potential to make a true difference in the lives of others. Most of them rely upon donations and public funding in order to help those in need. The Plymouth Half Marathon is one of the best races for this reason. Runners come from all over the UK to help their favourite charities. Affiliated charities benefit from the size of the event. People who never knew about them soon get al of the information that they need in order to become a supporter. Here are some of the specific charities which are currently affiliated with the marathon.

Children’s Hospice Southwest is a great organisation which provides the best care for kids who are not expected to survive into the latter stages of adulthood. While this is a sad scenario, these children have much to live for. The charity serves a variety of purposes. It provides bereavement care, as well as emergency intervention. Children’s Hospice Southwest is one of the leading organisations that serves kids with life limiting illnesses. Roughly 400 families currently seek advice and counsel from this charity. This shows just how important it is to so many people.

Team Macmillan Cancer Support is another admirable charity associated with the Plymouth Half Marathon. Astonishingly, about 2 million people in the UK live with cancer, and they rely on the support of others in order to make ends meet on a daily basis. This charity is able to operate through donations. In fact, about 98% of the income generated for cancer support comes from donations. Runners who wish to help should sign up with the Team Macmillan running team. This is one of the best charities around because it provides support through all phases of a patient’s illness.

Coppafeel is another great charity that pairs up nicely with this marathon. They raise awareness and funds for breast cancer awareness and research. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among people in the UK. It affects people of all ages, so it is vital to bring attention to the issue. The goal of the charity is to teach people how to get the earliest diagnosis possible to increase their chances for survival. Interestingly, this playful charity allows you to have fun in the process by allowing you to run with a giant boob. They also give out stylish vests for participants.